Fashion runway oops

was 30 years old and never modeled before but loved the idea of being a 'big girl' model. I never thought I would be a model, but as I grew older people would say, "You have such a nice face, if you lost a few pounds you could be a model". My first attempt at modeling was a fashion parade where I wore the wrong size dress and my belt fell off (oops) - not an encouraging start! Eventually I got the hang of it and went onto do loads of parades and photo shoots.

Being the only plus-size model in a sea of size 8s I called myself the 'Token Gesture Model'. The other models would strut their stuff on the catwalk and then race behind the scenes for a speedy outfit change. In comparison, my wardrobe options were limited and I was basically thrown to the wolves and told to just get out on the runway and make it back without too much fuss.

I might not have been a priority with the show organizers but my appearances were a crowd pleaser as the 'real people' in the audience excitedly saw a body shape that represented them striding before them. I may have been a lone ranger on the catwalk but their loud applause was rewarding encouragement. After the show ladies would meet me back stage to congratulate me for having the 'guts' to do such a huge thing - remembering that this happened 20 years ago. For ten years I modeled in everything from catwalk spectaculars to in store parades for major department stores such as David Jones and Myer.

After ten years of modeling I decided to I open my own agency catering exclusively to the plus-size modeling industry hence BIGgals Models, now known as BGM, was launched.

Clients contacted us through word of mouth and would-be models applied after reading about the agency in newspapers, magazines and an appearance on prime time television.

BGM was well and truly launched after the fantastic media coverage and ten years later we have gorgeous models that range in age from 16 to 60+ and size 12 to 18+. Our clients are varied and include Avon, Commonwealth Bank, Special K, David Jones, Myer, My Size, Maggie T, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Today Tonight, Australian Women's Weekly and lots more.

BGM does everything from stills photography, catwalk fashion parades, styling fashion parades, television commercials, videos and providing film extras. The property where the agency is located, Tycehurst, has also been the location for many television commercials.

BGM deals with agencies all over the world including London

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